Night Photography Preset Set

I love the night time because of it's silent, peaceful and mysterious atmosphere. So I often find myself just wandering around under the stars and through some foggy fields. The feeling is something I want to share with the world through my art.

For many, the night photography is something they shy away from because it's a whole new world in the photography field and so much different from shooting in the day time. And the editing is not any simpler, it can be really challenging especially at first. I decided to create this preset set which is only focused on night photography so I could include more variations of presets that could be used in night photography. Of course some of these can work in different situations as well but mostly I use these ones on my night time/early morning photography.

If you are new to night photography and want to learn more about editing night photos, these can be helpful for you. I suggest that you wouldn't just click through the presets and try to find the perfect match but actually look for the adjustments I have used and see how each one of those affects the photo. By doing this and studying how I use the adjustments to achieve a particular style you can learn a lot and use the knowledge to improve your own style as well!

You will get 15 Lightroom presets and they are categorized into 4 groups. One of them being "Early Morning", which is kind of a bonus category because they are not really for the regular night photography. I wanted to add it because here in Scandinavia the summer nights pretty much looks like "early morning" for the whole night. ;)Β 

But don't let the categories limit how you use the presets, they are just guide lines, how I usually use them. Sometimes some of the "Aurora" presets may work better on some regular starry sky stuff and so on. Try it out! Also, if the photo looks too blue/yellow or too dark/bright after using some presets, you can easily fix it with the temperature and exposure adjustments.

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6 and Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos (in the example photos below I used RAW files as the original photos).

  • 15 Lightroom Presets

  • 4 night photography categories:

    • Auroras - For northern lights photos

    • Moonlight - For photos taken under the moonlight or similar lighting

    • Stars - For regular starry sky images (milky way shots, stars with light pollution, etc.)

    • Early Morning - For photos taken during the summer nights or early mornings