My Workflow - Video Editing Tutorial

Interested in improving your editing skills and style? Are you new to Photoshop or more advanced?

This tutorial is for anyone who loves editing photos and learning new things.


It took me 9 years of practice to build up my current style and the knowledge of editing. In this tutorial I take you through my whole editing workflow from the RAW images to the very final adjustments before posting the photo on Instagram.

There are lots of new things covered in here especially if you’re just starting editing but I did my best to create the learning process as simple and effective as possible. You get to use my own original RAW files so you can follow the tutorial video step-by-step and learn the techniques easier. You will also get my final Photoshop file in case you want to take a closer look to it.

You will learn:

  • How to create a magical scene by combining 3 different photos taken in different weather conditions.

  • Compositing the photos to realistic places

  • Blending and working with clouds

  • Matching lights & shadows

  • Matching colors

  • Creating a magical glow and atmosphere

  • Creating interesting color combinations

  • Editing on phone

  • Lots of shortcuts

  • Useful tips and tricks for everyday editing

The tutorial includes:

  • Over 1 hour video of editing with a voice-over teaching commentary (in English)

  • The 3 RAW photos that are used in the tutorial video

  • A special brush for blending

  • My Photoshop file

Said about this tutorial


”This course is really good if you are interested in getting your blending skills on point!”


”I learnt so much from this course even though I don’t composite, your style is magical!”


”Your tutorial video is an art.”


”Learnt heaps. Let me know when you have got some more tutorials coming. Keen to learn more tricks.”


”Your tutorial was really straight forward and helpful. Thank you.”

Images created with the techniques in the Tutorial


What do I need to have before getting this tutorial?

  • Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom on your computer. Actually you could even survive without Lightroom because it is possible to do the same edits in Photoshop as well.

  • I use a graphics tablet but it’s not necessary. It’s just a nice help for the fine details.

  • A smartphone (for the phone editing part)

  • 4 Gb free space on your computer. After purchasing, you will get a text file where you will find a download link for all the files.

How advanced should I be for this tutorial?

  • The techniques here are advanced. However, I think you could learn them even if it would be your first time in Photoshop if you just follow closely. I did my best to make all the steps as simple as possible.

  • If you have already some basic experience, it should be easy to learn everything covered in here.

  • If you are advanced already, it’s always inspiring to see familiar tools and techniques used in different ways by other artists.

For what purposes can I use your RAW files, your Photoshop file and your final image?

  • Only for the purpose of following this tutorial and learning the techniques. You don’t receive the rights to use my files in any other way (printing, using in your own work, etc.).

My Photoshop looks different than yours, why is this?

  • I like that I can personalize my Photoshop how I prefer so it may look different from yours. You can open the drop-down menu Window and select what windows you want to have visible. You can move the windows and combine them by dragging them on top of each other.

    What I have visible are Tools, Navigator, Properties, Adjustments, Options and Layers as shown below.

  • …if any questions arise, just shoot me a message!

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