Preset set for Adobe Lightroom


The word I like to use to describe my art is “fairytale photography”. I don’t know if it’s an “official” genre for photography but... oh well, now it is. When we really quiet our minds and be still in the nature we can sense the aliveness and mysteriousness all around us and it can really feel like we’re in some kind of a magical fairytale. I can’t really put the feeling into words but it’s something I’m beginning to feel more and more and want to share with everyone. It’s easier for me to show it through photos and editing. I know it doesn’t look real and that’s the thing; it’s not supposed to.

Maybe in the future I’ll create an in-depth tutorial about fairytale photography as how I see it. But for now, here are some presets to get you started!

  • 10 presets for creating a fairytalistic mood

  • Some keywords to describe this mood:

    • Mysterious

    • Glowing

    • Emotional

    • Sparkly

    • Adventurous

    • Hopeful

    • Magical

    • Elements

    • Enchanted

Tips for using these presets:

Every photo is usually taken with at least slightly different settings and lighting so the preset that looks perfect on one photo, might need a little bit adjustment to fit on another one. Here’s some quick & easy fixes you can do to match the presets with your photos even better and get everything out of these presets.

  • Use RAW photos. These presets of course works for JPG photos as well, but since RAW photos has more information packed in them and these presets are designed for RAWs, the results might be better on them.

  • Best for flat light and nature. Try on nature photos taken on moody foggy days, cloudy days, rainy days. Great for autumn mood. If used with harsh light, like on sunny days, you might want to adjust the highlights and shadows. Remember, the fairytale photography is all about the mood and magic!

  • Play around. After applying a filter, if the photo seems too blue/yellow/green/magenta/dark/bright, play around with the first 3 adjustments on the top in Lightroom (Temperature, Tint and Exposure). Little adjustments to these might have a surprising effect.

  • Get inspired. Probably my favorite and most interesting thing in using or trying other people’s presets is finding out how they achieved some effect by studying what adjustments did they use and then applying the knowledge into my own style with my own twist. A great way to develop one’s own style.

  • One more tip. When trying several filters on one photo, make sure to reset all the settings before applying another filter.

    *This digital product requires Adobe Lightroom 7.3 or later. Works also on Adobe Camera RAW

Happy editing!